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Dr. (Col.) I P Arora-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. (Col.) I P Arora
Consultant - Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surgery

Dr. Abhaya Kumar-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Abhaya Kumar
Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon

Dr.	 Abhishek Srivastava-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Abhishek Srivastava
Director, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam
Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr.	 Annu Aggarwal-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Annu Aggarwal
Consultant, Neurology, Specialist Cognitive and Behavioural                      Neurology

Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Anshumala Shukla-Kulkarni
Consultant - Gynaecology Laparoscopic and                      Robotic Surgeon

Dr.	 Ashish Jain-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Ashish Jain
Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr.	 Barnali Das-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Barnali Das
Consultant - Laboratory Medicine

Dr.	 Dinshaw Pardiwala-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala
Director - Arthroscopy, Sports Orthopaedics & Shoulder Service

Dr.	 Jamshed Dalal-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Jamshed Dalal
Director, Cardiac Sciences

Dr.	 Mandar Deshpande-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Mandar Deshpande
Consultant, Surgical Oncology (Head & Neck Oncology)

Dr.	 Mohit Bhatt-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Mohit Bhatt
Director, Neurosciences and Consultant, Neurology

Dr.	 Rajesh Mistry-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Rajesh Mistry
Director, Oncology & Consultant Surgical Oncology

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Dr.	 Anandh Balasubramaniam-KoKilaben Hospital

Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam
Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam

Consultant Neurosurgeon

MBBS, MS, MCh (Neurosurgery) (NIMHANS), DNB (Neurosurgery)

 KoKilaben Hospital India


  • Neurooncology fellow - University of Toronto (Hospital for Sickkids, Toroto Western Hospital)

  • Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Training (University of Pittsburg)

  • Linac Based Radiosurgery Training (Berlin , Germany)

  • Stereo EEG Training for Complex Refractory Epilepsy - for epilepsy surgery - Montreal, Canada

Speciality Interests

  • Image Guided Neurosurgery

  • Neurooncology - Surgery for Brain / spinal Tumors - Gliomas, Maximal Safe Resection of Gliomas in Eloquent Area /Deep Seasted Areas / Insular Cortex - with Image Guidance and Intraop MRI

  • Endoscopic Surgery for Pituitary Tumours / Anterior Skull Base Tumours with Image Guidance and Intraop MRI Imaging

  • Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery for Intraventricular Tumours / Colloid Cyst

  • Functional Neurosurgery - for Movement Disorders - Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Parkinson's Disease and Dystonias, For Epilepsy - Temporal Lobe Resections, Dysplasia Excisions, For Trigeminal Neuroalgia / Hemifacial Spasm - Microvascular Decompression


  • Faculty - Asst and Assoc Professor at Dept. of Neurosurgery, NIMHANS, Bangalore

  • Fellow at Hospital for Sickkids and Toronto Western Hospital

KH Experience
Over Last 5 Years

  • Experience of more than 200 Intra op MRI guided surgeries.

  • More than 100 gliomas operated with maximum possible resection with minimal morbidit

  • More than 20 awake craniotomy surgical procedures for eloquent cortex lesions

  • About 50 pituitary tumours operated with Endoscopic technique and intraop MRI guidance and total resection in more than 95% cases with over 80% preservation of normal pituitary gland - including functioning tumours (Growth Hormone / Cortisol Secreting Adenomas)

  • 50 cases of Deep Brain stimulation surgeries for Parkinsons Disease and Dystonia

  • Over 30 neuroendoscopic procedures including third venticulostomies, Colloid cyst excisions, Intraventricular tumor resections, biopsies



25 publications in peer reviewed indexed journals - 19 of which are international journals

  • Best outgoing Student Silver Jubilee Award in Neurosurgery - NIMHANS

  • Research Trials in Glioma Treatment - 3

  • Was part of Glioma Project funded by ICMR - a multi institutional effort at Bangalore

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