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Dr. Ashish Sabharwal Best Urologist & Robotic Prostate Surgeon in Delhi

Senior Consultant Urologist at Apollo Hospital in Delhi
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Contributions of Dr. Ashish Sabharwal in The Field Of Urology To India

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal is amongst the most renowned and Best Urology Surgeon Apollo Hospital in Delhi with a rich professional experience of two decades at leading global hospitals perfecting the craft of years of Fellowship Training in Endourology and Robotic Prostrate Surgery in Miami, USA. Dr. Sabharwal has gained an immense reputation for being an excellent surgeon for his tireless efforts to expand the frontiers of Robotic Surgery.

Dr. Sabharwal is always at the forefront of developing better ways to treat his patients outside of the conventional ‘open’ approaches. Best Urology Surgeon Apollo Hospital in Delhi is also a pioneer in HIFU, Laser Surgery, and Minimally Invasive Surgery. These techniques are world-class because unlike the traditional method of open surgery, they have much lesser recovery time and cause minimal discomfort to the patient.

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal's vast knowledge and expertise have helped many patients to recuperate from prostate cancer disorder. He pioneered the modern treatment of various kidney and urological diseases in the country. Dr. Ashish Sabharwal Best Urologist in Delhi pioneered various new minimally invasive procedures for urology in India and is among the leading robotic surgeons in the country. He is also an expert in prostate-related treatments and surgeries – be it open or laparoscopic or robotic prostatectomy.

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal Urologist Apollo Hospital in Delhi has performed around 750 highly successful robotic procedures since 2010 when the Centre for Robotic Surgery was first established. Affordable Prostate Cancer Urologist Delhi is also an expert in the most modern treatment for stone and other urological diseases. He has developed innovative techniques in Percutaneous Nephrolithotrispy (PCNL), Ureteroscopy, and ESWL; he has also expanded the use of ultrasound in urology. In this long and distinguished career, Dr. Ashish Sabharwal has accomplished a lot and has been recognized for his contributions to his profession by a number of national and international bodies. Dr. Ashish Sabharwal is doing the highest number of penile implant surgery in Delhi, India.


  • MBBS from R.G. Kar Medical College, Calcutta,
  • M.S. (General Surgery) from BLDEA Medical College, Karnataka University
  • DNB (Urology) from Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
  • Advanced Fellowship in Endourology and Robotic Prostrate Surgery (Jackson Health System, Miami, Florida)

Professional Memberships

  • Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer
  • Robotic Prostate Surgery
  • HIFU Treatment for Cancer of Prostrate
  • Laser Surgery for Benign Enlarged Prostrate
  • TURP for Benign Enlarged Prostrate
  • Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction including Penile Implants

About: Dr. Ashish Sabharwal India

  • Currently associated as Consultant Urologist and Robotic Prostate Surgeon Apollo Hospitals Indraprastha, South Delhi, India
  • He had worked with a Consultant Urologist at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute New Delhi. He Established the Urology department at Fortis Escorts Hospital in Delhi.
  • Received the E.C.F.M.G Certificate from USA and holds an unrestricted license to practice Urology and Medicine at Florida
  • Adept at treating Prostate Diseases including Benign and Cancerous Prostate Enlargement
  • Previously received Fellowship in Endourology and Robotic Surgery, Jackson Health System, Miami, Florida, USA.
  • Member of prestigious organizations like Urology society of India, Indian Medical Association and American Urology Association.

Research Work

A comparative study on different types of surgeries in the

  • Urology Society of India
  • Indian Medical Association
  • American Urology Association
  • American Medical Association
  • Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer
  • Laser Surgery for Enlarged Prostate
  • Transurethral Resection of Prostate
  • Erectile dysfunction – Penile Prosthesis Implantation
  • Dr. Ashish Sabharwal Penile Implant Surgeon in Delhi
  • Kidney stone disease (ESWL, PCNL, Holmium Laser Treatment with Flexible Ureteroscopy management of Idiopathic Hydrocele: Lords plication vs. Excision and Eversion of sac vs. Everted Plication. Done as a thesis work during my general surgery residency from 2001-2004 at B.L.D.E.A’s Shree B.M. Patil Medical College, Bijapur, Karnataka, India.

Association of Dr. Ashish Sabharwal with Apollo Hospital, India

The Department of Urology at Apollo Hospital offers advanced urological care at par with international standards. It offer full spectrum of diagnostics and treatment for urology cancers, prostate diseases, laparoscopic urology, reconstructive urology surgery, stone disease, erectile dysfunction, pediatric urology, pediatric renal transplant and andrology.

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal heads it. He is Board Certified in Urology. After his residency, he went to USA to do a highly coveted Endourology and Robotic Prostate Surgery fellowship in Jackson Health System, Miami, Florida, USA. During the fellowship, Dr Sabharwal Senior Urologist Indraprastha Apollo Delhi was involved in more than 1000 Laser Prostate and Robotic prostate surgeries, Laser treatment of kidney stones and treatment of erectile dysfunction with penile implant. He completed the fellowship in 2008. After the fellowship he returned to India to join Fortis Escorts Hospital Delhi to start the Robotic Prostate Cancer Treatment Program.

The Apollo Centers of Excellence for Urology provide care in all aspects of Urology. Kidney biopsies, with more than 5000 Urological surgeries each year, the Centre have the caliber and experience to provide the best of care in Urology. Birth defects, also called congenital disorders, treatment of kidney and bladder stones, cancer care, management of incontinence, infertility and erectile disorders are some of the areas where we excel. Lithotripsy, Endo-urology, TURP and laparoscopic urological surgeries are performed regularly. The centers also use the highly sophisticated da Vinci® robotic surgical system, the most advanced platform for minimally invasive surgery available today.

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal Future to Urology in India

Urology in India deals with the diseases related to Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Prostate gland, Testis and Penis. It deals with the diseases like Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Male sexual dysfunction, renal stones, Renal / Uretric obstructions and male infertility. It also deals with the tumors of Kidney, Ureter, Bladder, Prostate, Testis and Penis. Congenital anomalies of genitourinary tract like pelvic ureteric junction obstruction, vesicoureteric reflux, posterior urethral valves etc. Various voiding dysfunction are also treated under this specialty. Urology also deals with the Kidney transplantation.

List of Treatment Offered by Dr. Ashish Sabharwal India

  • Andrology
  • Augmentation Cystoplasty
  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)
  • Colposuspension
  • Cystolithoptripsy
  • Endourology
  • Female Urology
  • Flexible Ureteroscopy
  • Fulguration of Posterior Uretheral Valve
  • Laparoscopic Cancer
  • Cystectomy
  • Laparoscopic Radical
  • prostatectomy
  • Laparoscopic Urology
  • Laser Lithotripsy
  • Laser Treatment
  • Optical Urethrotomy
  • Laproscopic Surgery for Kidney Ureter
  • Prostate and Lap Dollar Nephrectomy
  • Orchidectomy PCNL
  • Pediatric Urology
  • Penile Prosthesis Implantation
  • Penile Prosthesis Insertion
  • Pyeloplasty
  • Radical Cystectomy
  • Radical Nephroureterectomy
  • Radical Prostatectomy
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Removal of Kidney Stones
  • Renal Transplant- Cadaver and Live
  • Surgery for Stress Incontinence TVT TOT
  • Penile Implant
  • Testicular Implant
  • TURP
  • Ureter Re-Implantation
  • Urethroplasty
  • Uro UVF and UVF Repair
  • Uro-Oncology
  • URSL
  • Varicocele Repair Microscopic
  • Vasectomy
  • VVF Repair
  • Vasectomy Reversal
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Urethral Stricture Surgery

Travel to India for High Quality and Affordable Urology Treatment

Urology treatments in India are done with the best care and expertise from the best educated, trained, and updated doctors and surgeons. Here patients can avail of excellent diagnostic facilities, world-class pathology, and medical and surgical intervention for quick recovery from kidney-related diseases. Most of the doctors available in India are experts and experienced in offering advanced treatment for urology patients.

Some of the advanced treatment processes available in India are endoscopic surgery, cystic fibrosis, Nephrotic syndrome, cystoscopy, Nephrology, Renal failure, prostrate biopsy, partial penectomy, bladder biopsy, vasectomy, and many more, which are done with the best possible expertise and success rate. Nowadays in Indian robotic surgery has got introduced for the advancement of Urology treatments in India and this robotic surgery is doing well in offering quality surgical intervention with the best possible proficiency.

The international standard of Urology treatments in India depends on the availability of trained medical professionals and quality infrastructure available in India. WHC provides the best professionals and a team of experts for Urology treatment in India. Urology center in India provides state-of-the-art medical facilities and surgical care in all aspects of urology.

It’s a super specialty initiative in India to serve patients with advanced technology. Urology is one of the most competitive areas for surgeons and India has made a significant mark in the eradication of urologic diseases. All urology hospitals in India that is completely devoted to providing treatment to patients suffering from urological ailments. The Department of urology in India has a complete range of comprehensive facilities while managing the complex urological conditions of patients. The goal is to provide the highest level of consistent patient care by using minimally invasive surgical techniques such as Da Vinci Si Robot.

Further, the doctors have rich global exposure and experience in taking care of patients of various backgrounds. The urology hospital in India has extraordinary outpatient services, including proper consultation for all treatment processes. Be it nurses, paramedics, and managerial staff – everyone is adequately involved in patient care. We can say that India is pioneering its steps extensively to heal urological diseases.

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal Best Robotic Prostate Surgeon in Delhi
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Dr. Ashish Sabharwal,
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