India Laparoscopy Surgery Site is the largest network of the most prestigious and experienced group of laparoscopic surgeons, physicians and top laparoscopic hospitals in India dedicated to tackle various laparoscopic ailments with the most advanced facilities and technology at an affordable price.

Our group is dedicated to deliver the best quality laparoscopic treatment at the best hospitals in India for patients from all across the globe at a very low cost. Our association to the top laparoscopic hospitals enables us in providing the finest healthcare services to aid the patients seeking medical care from the top laparoscopic experts in India.

What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

India Laparoscopy Surgery Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure usually performed on the pelvis or the abdominal region. The risks in this surgery are very less as the procedure is done through small incisions. Hence, this procedure is largely preferred by many medical experts.

Laparoscopic surgery is performed with the help of robotic technology with a 3-D camera to aid in making incisions on the abdomen or the pelvis. Laparoscopic surgery is generally recommended to treat the following regions of the body:

  • Stomach
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Small Intestine
  • Appendix
  • Pelvis and Reproductive Organs
  • Pancreas
  • Gallbladder
  • Spleen

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How does India Laparoscopy Surgery Site help provide the best treatment for patients across the globe?

  • We are a team of specially selected medical experts, surgeons, nurses, account personnel, front desk professionals and other associated employees
  • Our medical experts are the most sought out after by both the international and the domestic patients
  • All of our professionals behold remarkable knowledge and expertise associated to the medical field
  • All the hospitals that we are associated with are internationally accredited and acclaimed
  • We provide comprehensive medical care on par with the international standards
  • Our hospitals are equipped with the most advanced medical technology and the latest equipments
  • The infrastructure in the hospitals are the most lauded with the sanitation being in the limelight
  • We provide the most suitable diagnostics and laparoscopic facilities
  • Our associated hospitals are present across many major and metropolitan cities of the country with the best laparoscopic surgeons

Why should you choose India Laparoscopy Surgery Site?

We provide top notch and distinctive services for both the domestic and the international patients with the best surgeons and hospitals availing the most advanced technology at a very low price. A sample of the services that we provide are following

Logistics Support

  • We provide support regarding the process for acquiring medical visa for the patient and the accompanying individual
  • We can provide or help in arranging the travel tickets for the patient and the accompanying person
  • You can also get the best accommodation for the patient and the family as we have tie-ups with hotels as well
  • We can arrange for travel and tour of many cities in India if the patient and the family so desires, providing medical and India tour together
  • We have the facility for the airport pick-up and drop-off of the patient and accompanying person

Patient Treatment & Care

  • All the associated hospitals are highly reputed and Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited
  • Comprehensive care for the treatment of the patient so that the recovery from the ailment and the surgery is as swift as possible
  • Laparoscopic surgeons in India are considered to be the best in their disciplines
  • The patient will receive specialist consultation as requested by the said individual
  • The top most surgeons will review the patient’s medical reports and determine the proper treatment
  • Depending on the medical reports, the patient may get advised for surgical or non-surgical procedures and we are obliged to offer the required services accordingly
  • With patients that have trouble speaking in English, we provide interpreters to help your treatment in India go as smoothly as possible

Services for the patient’s family and/or friends

  • The progress for the patient’s laparoscopic treatment can be informed to the family members or friends throughout the whole process if the patient so wishes
  • If the patient or the patient’s family wants a consultation with another doctor for a second opinion, we can arrange for that to happen at the patient’s behest
  • We have several payment options such as cash, credit card or wire transfer

Other Services

  • During the patient’s treatment in the hospital, the staying arrangement for the family in the hospital can be arranged as well
  • Proper food for the patient and the family can be provided according to the patient or the doctor’s requirements
  • Post-operative and recuperative facilities are also available
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